Beware of Awareness

Women, this is not meant to be sexist or demeaning. It’s simply something I have observed and something that I thought about as I was watching a mediocre empowerment/awareness event today.

The more you claim that you are strong and powerful, the more ridiculous you look.

Those kinds of events are full of statements of power and assertiveness that are little more than platitudes. How can you not see how empty they are?

At the conclusion of a dance number, a lady addressing the crowd said, “What a great way to show your commitment to ending violence against women!” Really?! A half-hearted dance routine preceded by an angry poem is supposed to stop violence against women? This is the problem with the “awareness” movements: people end up thinking that wearing a ribbon or special color or dancing in public makes an effective impact. But, it simply doesn’t.

“You can’t rape/beat/harass/demean me! I’m wearing my anti-violence awareness ribbon!”

Yeah, right.


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