Powered Amplification, Powered Annoyance

I guess some people just get caught up with their hobby-related gadgets.  Why else would musicians use powered amps and speakers in the intimate venue of a small coffee shop?  Are their voices and instruments so weak that they really need the electronic enhancement?

No, they probably feel cool getting there early, lugging in their big, plastic cases, unpacking those complicated-looking mixing boards, unwinding and hooking up those thick and heavy cables.

“Yeah, man, I’m a musician.  I gotta hook up my rig for my gig.  Gotta get those sweet sounds bouncin’ around like a hyperactive toddler on a Kool-Aid binge.”

Uh, yeah.  About those “sweet sounds,” some of them — and, in really bad cases, many of them — are downright sour.  And, playing them louder?  It doesn’t make them better.  No, my friend, it does not.  If your ears were “the boys,” then a powered sour note would be the foot to the groin.

Coffee-shop musicians, protect our delicate ears, and CAN THE AMPS!


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