I’m a Hater

I’m a hater.

I hate the big networks.  I hate their loud, obnoxious commercials telling me to watch the Grammys, the Emmys, the big whatever to-do featuring the latest big yahoo.  I hate their brain-rot, Hollywood-gossip shows that assume I simply adore movie or music star X who is in trouble with the law, cheating on his/her spouse, or fighting drug and/or alcohol addiction again.  I hate being told that I have to hug a tree, believe Al Gore, worship Barack Obama, and hate America.  I hate hearing the annoying yelling of Chris Matthews and car salesmen with $1,000 down and $1,500 in factory rebates.  I hate the persistent alarmist tone of news anchors and their sound of forced concern over some non-issue or some star of dubious celebrity.  I hate being lied to, swindled, and robbed by the three-ring circus of crooks in the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

I hate some things because of personal preferences, and others because of the absolute principles of right and wrong.  Hatred isn’t a completely evil attribute.  When directed at the appropriate object, hatred is a very positive thing.  Hating evil, hating lies, hating murder, hating oppression: these are all perfectly valid, positive hatreds.  So, even though I hate loud television and the sickening vanity of Hollywood and its hangers-on, I respect the right of others to enjoy them.

But, when you steal from me and call it a tax; when you give my taxes to “bail out” failures; when you and your sodomite Senate buddy swindle the economy into the ground; when you seek to strip away my rights protected under the Constitution; when you grant those rights to war criminals and call it justice, then you have aligned yourself with the things I and all other people of ethics hate.  So, when we fight for our freedoms, when we smite your false justice with real justice, when we stand and say, “NO MORE!”, when you get burned, don’t be hatin’ on us!  ‘Kay?

I’m a hater, and you know what?  I’m cool with that.


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