My Former High School Teacher Is Running for the N.C. House

Jeff Collins of Rocky Mount, N.C., is running for the N.C. House seat for District 25.  He is unchallenged in the Republican primary and seeks to unseat incumbent Democrat Randy Stewart on November 2.  Collins is a conservative who longs to see our nation return to its constitutional roots, valuing individual liberty and responsibility and believing in a limited government.

Mr. Collins was one of my favorite high school teachers.  God has given him a brilliant, analytical mind and a strong grasp of a diverse array of subjects.  Under his instruction, I learned physical education, algebra/pre-calculus, journalism, Spanish, and chemistry.  He treated his students with respect while maintaining classroom discipline, and he has earned my highest regard.  If there is anyone I would send to the state House, U.S. House, or White House without any reservation or question of character, it is Jeff Collins.

District 25 citizens, visit the Jeff Collins for NC House page on Facebook to learn more.  And, don’t forget to vote for the most constitutionally conservative candidates in the N.C. primary on May 4 and in the general election on November 2.

God has blessed America throughout her history.  May we remember, repent, and return to Him!