A Sinless Renegade?

I heard Alistair Begg on the radio Sunday. I was not familiar with him; I don’t think I’ve ever heard him before. He was preaching on the story of the blind man who was interrogated by the Pharisees because Jesus had healed him on the Sabbath (John 9:13-23). I loved this portion of his sermon:

“Of course, Jesus kept the Sabbath. He kept the Law in its perfection; Jesus was sinless. In fact, Calvin suggests that Jesus performed these miracles purposefully, deliberately, on the Sabbath. I kinda like that idea! …

“‘Hey, Jesus, don’t You know it’s the Sabbath?’

“‘Of course, I know it’s the Sabbath. Watch this!'”

Jesus, a renegade? No, no, no, … OH, YES!

Go ahead. Defy tradition. It’s biblical.


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